Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Looking back at... Delta Force (1998)


It's been a while since the blog was last updated. Frankly, I've just been too busy recently. However, fear not! For those of you eager to find out where my gaming time has taken me in the last few months, stick around. Updates will be hitting soon.

My focus has started to switch from text based reviews / gaming commentary (old net) to the ever evolving medium of v-logging. Most of my new posts will therefore be direct links to YouTube vids of mine. Be aware that some of this content will be strictly "for the lulz"! Call this laziness on my part if you like... I call it rolling with the online trends. 

Also, due to some recent back-end housekeeping, you may find that certain links and pictures will no longer work for various older posts. This is due to a recent server change I've made for the older content from my original website. Although I have all this backed up, I don't intend to upload it all across into the blog again. The actual reviews themselves can still be accessed in the blog archives going back to 2003.